When the World Moves, Fast

tl;dr: How soon is too soon to say “I love you”?

In my last post I mentioned how it had been a couple months since South Africa and I started seeing each other, and while I was a fan of natural progression, he was waiting for me to officially ask him to be my boyfriend. On the night of our two months I took him out for dinner and asked him to be my boyfriend, which, of course, he said yes to.

A few days later and I’m on holidays from work, and neither of us has university at the moment, so we decided to go away for a few days camping and exploring the coast. We were laying in bed together after a nice dinner out, when he looked me in the eyes and told me those three words that cause so much problem.

I love you.

I’m no expert. I’ve dated a few guys before, and had one decent ~5 year relationship. But this is all new. I’m now the older guy with a 21 year old boyfriend who has never done this before. He’s young, inexperienced, and falling hard. So when, a week into being boyfriends, he tells me he loves me, I can’t say it back.

So what do you do when a guy you care about deeply and want to continue seeing is looking you in the eyes telling you he loves you? I leaned over, kissed him hard, and told him that I’m not going anywhere, and I’m his guy. It avoided awkwardness, but there was a telling ring in the air of neither of us mentioning or even acknowledging the gravity of what he just said.

Since I’ve been wrestling with it in my head. Love. Is it this mystical state of euphoria that you need to reserve from sharing until months, or years, into a relationship? Or is it just the current state of wanting to be with someone, that you shouldn’t hold back from telling them? When is too soon to say it?

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