The Best Diva-Approved Sex Apps

The Best Sex Apps for Couples

Dinner is cleaned up, kids are bathed, brushed, and tucked into bed, and you and your sweetie give each other that look. Then, you head to the bedroom, slip under the sheets, and… grab your phones and start mindlessly scrolling?! Does this sound like your situation? If so, we think you might need something new to look at on those phones to help give you a little boost in the bedroom! That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best, clean Diva-approved sex apps to help keep things fun and fresh in bed!

Husband and wife lay in bed and use a sex app together

5. Dollar Dates and Holi-Date Apps by The Dating Divas: If you haven’t tried out these amazing apps, you are totally missing out! These flirty and fun date apps are ONLY ONE DOLLAR! Yes, you read that right! We’re talkin’ activities, games, invitations, instructions–EVERYTHING you need to have fun while connecting with your sweetie, and we’ve kept it ALL digital

Here’s how it works:

Each month, year after year, we will email a fully curated, themed, done-for-you date straight to your inbox.
​Simply click on the link in your email to reveal your date on your phone.
Then, send your sweetheart the themed, textable invitation to kick things off.  
Finally, enjoy fun, meaningful activities to get you connecting with your sweetheart for the rest of the night! From learning something new together to a fun and frisky bedroom element, these dates have it ALL.

Seriously, you need to sign up for them right now! Sign up right here to try one out for FREE!

<img src="×800.jpeg" alt="We think our Dollar Dates are some of the best apps for couples!

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