The Beginning of a new Era

It’s crazy how life gets in the way of a good time. Three months ago I wrote my first post, which, at the time, was the first post for three months before that. In that post South Africa and I had been together approaching six months and things were going great. Just as I was feeling great, South Africa broke it off.

There’s a hundred reasons why, of course. None of which hit the nail on the head. We began disagreeing on the little things, and soon the big things, and then all the things. No matter what I did it wasn’t right, and no matter what I said, I’d said it wrong. I’m not blaming South Africa by any means, it was a breakdown in our relationships together, but for me, it comes down to a high maintenance boyfriend [him] not having all of his needs met.

For example, in my last post I mentioned how we were giving a third in bed a go. Not my idea, but South Africa had talked about opening up for a while. So on his request I downloaded Grindr and found us a third, and it went well. He wanted to include someone else… but then I was on Grindr too much. So I offered to delete Grindr and focus back on us, but that wasn’t the solution either…

So we broke up back in January. Since then we moved out of our one bedroom flat into a two bedroom apartment – for reasons – and that was probably going to be ok until the virus pandemic hit and we suddenly had to live on top of each other. You can imagine how that’s going.

Anyway. I’ve made the promise before, and I pledge it again: I’ll endeavour to start posting more. After all, I’m back on the dating scene now.

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