Style From the Inside Out, with Jenny Greenstein

Meet my friend Jenny Greenstein…

Jenny Greeinstein is a lesbian and a personal wardrobe stylist who supports women on their journey of bringing their style into alignment with their most authentic and empowered selves.

Even though most of her clients are not lesbians, Jenny herself is. She’s been with her wife, Dina, for over a decade and they are raising two daughters together.

The integration between style and mindfulness…

Consider these important questions: How do you describe yourself? How do you describe your style? And do you feel that those two things are in alignment?

Jenny Greenstein is passionate about helping women explore these questions for themselves.

Her work is all about making women feel so strong and confident in their personal style that they can tune out all the external influences that don’t serve them.

“It’s not just about the clothes…You can find your style within any budget.” Jenny Greenstein

During the interview Jenny and I discuss:

How to know if your style isn’t working for you…
How and why dressing in a way that isn’t authentic can lead to low self-esteem and insecurity…
How and why women so often end up with a style that’s out of alignment with the core of who they are…
Tips for evolving as a person and why it’s important for everyone to do so…
What happens to our style when we discover we are lesbians… AND
Advice for how lesbians with children can give your kids tools for navigating the world with two moms…

Don’t miss this episode!

Learn more about Jenny Greenstein and follow her on social media…

Jenny Greenstein is the creator of the Your Soul Style Method: an integrative, collaborative personal wardrobe styling approach that combines style with mindfulness.

She founded Your Soul Style in 2013 after a decade of professional wardrobe styling working in-house for global fashion brands.

Everyone’s authentic sense of style hides beneath layers of external influence, distractions, or a disconnect from the self, and Jenny Greenstein’s life work is about empowering women by helping them uncover their own style, from the inside out.

You can keep up with Jenny and her work on Instagram @yoursoulstyle and you can check out her wesbsite for an in-depth description of the services she offers and how she supports and empowers women on their style journey.

Jenny Greenstein’s book recommendations…

For queer mothers to read to their children:

Heather Has Two Mommies
Mommie, Mama and Me
Maiden and Princess
Prince and Knight
Jack (Not Jackie)

For emotional intelligence:

The Road Less Traveled

Did you enjoy this episode?

If you enjoyed this episode, also check out my 2017 video interview with Jenny Greeinstein where she talks all about her personal journey discovering she’s a lesbian and coming out. You can find the video here.

And for more inspiration on building confidence, check out my interviews with Dr. Saida Desilets and Coco Mckenzie.

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