O.School: Shame-Free Sex-Ed For Religious Conservatives, With Founder Andrea Barrica

O.school: where religious conservatives can learn about sex…

O.school was created to be a sexual education resource for people who come from religious conservative backgrounds.

Sexual shame (and any kind of shame, for that matter) drains us of
our personal power, which hinders our ability to show up as our best

But unfortunately, for religious conservatives, sexual shame is often woven deeply into the cultural fabric.

How can you find answers when you’re too ashamed to ask the questions?

At O.school they understand that sexual shame can keep people from even asking the questions they most need answered.

That’s why they use their technical expertise to find trustworthy curated answers to the questions that they know their viewers would be too ashamed to ask.

Also, O.school is extra careful about how they present and share information…

They never feature nudity, because people who are deeply struggling with sexual shame typically react poorly to sexual images.

The“unsiexist” brand in sex…

At O.school they teach using animations that are frank and direct and
medically accurate (instead of featuring photographs and videography
that might be arousing.)

They don’t want to be “titiliating” or arousing. Instead they are trying to create the “unsiexist” brand in sex.

“Sexual wellness is more about wellness and health than it is about sex.”

Sexual wellness is an integral part of overall wellness and health.

O.school is here so to help people achieve sexual wellness, even if all they were ever taught was sexual shame.

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview, Andrea Barrica, the queer female founder of O.school, who shares:

The best advice I’ve ever heard for how to talk to your parents when coming outTips for how to increase your sex drive, and The juiciest questions asked by their audience (and how she answers them)

Learn more about O.school and Andrea Barrica and find them online:

Andrea Barrica is the CEO and founder of O.school, a media platform
dedicated to medically accurate, judgement free conversations about sex
and sexuality and pleasure.

Her mission is to create the world’s most trusted sexual wellness
brand to help people improve their sexual health and celebrate their
bodies without shame or stigma.




Andrea on Instagram

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