Nomading and Community

Because of the Coronacation, I’m staying at my Mother’s place, in the small Canadian town where I grew up.

I was about to travel to Mexico with the goal of starting a new business venture, making Youtube videos in the Travel niche, mixed with life coaching, i.e., “You can do this too.” However, that will have to wait until after the hysteria has calmed. I’d rather be close to family, and nature, rather than some developing world air bnb.

Real Jobs 

I’ve been what you’d call a “digital nomad” for over two years now. Last year I visited ten countries across Asia and Europe, all while living out of a backpack, and working from my laptop. I  haven’t had a “real” job since 2010. 

Being a fake Redneck during Coronacation

I’ve been back in Canada for six months, and it’s given me time to reconnect with family, and old high school friends, many of which have never left this town, and are now married, or divorced, with kids. 

I’d love to say I admire their life, but a wife and kids was never something I fantasized about. I’ve always preferred freedom and adventure. Maybe this will change. But when I do settle, I won’t have regrets about missing out on travel, or dating. 

Most of my family have no idea what I do for a living and figure I’m just a jobless hobo who aimlessly wanders, living somehow, perhaps selling my body. Even my Grandmother who lives here thinks I’m a bum, since all she see’s is me playing on my laptop for a few hours a day, and then basically doing whatever I want. She told me to “Get a job!” 

“Grandma. I made seven thousand dollars last month.” 

She’s ninety. In her reality, if you’re not out of the house, you’re not working. She has zero interest in the Internet. In a way, I admire her ignorance. 

The Do-Nothing Dream

My cousin who’s an obese alcoholic said to me, “I wish I could do nothing all day like you.” 

“You do…” I thought. Because in my mind, someone who runs a machine making industrial trash all day, and then plays video games all night, might was well be doing nothing. But, I love him and keep that to myself. I’m hoping I’ll inspire his emergence from the Matrix by asking questions like, “Have you ever thought of travelling?” And, “Have you ever thought about doing something different for work?” 

Asking questions are like dropping little embers into someone’s mind. One day it might become a fire. This works a lot better than lecturing. 

Bangkok, Thailand

When I see my old friends, I just keep my life private. If I tell them I’m a writer, that I’ve been living out of my backpack, travelling the world teaching men how to approach and attract women for thousands of dollars a weekend, publishing books, holding seminars, and dating beautiful women who are often fifteen years younger than myself… they just blink a few times and change the subject. “Oh… so are you staying here for long? How’s your sister?” Some of them will even go… “So… what do you do for work?” Even though I just told them; it’s so far out of their reality, they can’t even see it. 

The Discovery of Your Genius

I know many of my readers are very successful, powerful, inspirational men (and women.) Others are just trying to sort out their chaos, and learn how to attract a girlfriend. I’ll tell you this now… if you’re trying to actualize, to create a life that won’t leave you stewing in regret from your deathbed, if you want to rise above the herd… it’s going to be on you. 

Nobody is going to discover you. A mentor isn’t going to magically appear with the ultimate guide to success. Most likely, you’ve already met these people, but were to absorbed with your ego to realize it. Now, you’re on your own again, and if you want to meet a guide, you’ll have to pay for it, either with your effort, or resources. 

If you’re reading this, nodding your head then know… you’re not alone. You’re not the weird one. You’re waking up. You can’t bring everyone you love with you… that’s not your job. 

Waking Up

If you’re awake, then lead by example. The people you care for, if there’s a hint of light, may spot it and follow you down that path. But realize you’re most likely on your own, and if you want to find like-minded souls, you’ll have to seek them out. 

That’s my next plan. To make Youtube videos about travel, philosophy, and perhaps even dating. I’ll access other entrepreneurial, nomadic, self-actualizing communities, and help people realize their potential: for travel, business, love, or whatever goals they want to achieve. 

With the Internet we can all access community. Are you interested in mountain biking? Religion? Conspiracy theory? Body building? Yes… you can find people to talk to. But if you want real connection, you’re going to have to meet these people, interact with them in the flesh. This should be your goal… to make real friends. You can create a lifestyle online, but to live the life, you need to plug into the material world. The Internet is a tool, not a place for living. 

Chernobyl, Ukraine

The Introverted Extrovert

If you’re like most intelligent men, you’re an introvert. If you’re an experienced introvert than you also know prolonged social isolation is the path to mental illness. Even though you can’t always relate to your friends and family… you must still love them, and appreciate the gifts they bring. Because everyone has their talent, gifts, wisdom and value. 

On the other spectrum, a deep fear of being alone, a burning need for people, can transmute into a “fear of the dark” complex. There’s a point in every child’s life when they need to be left to survive alone, in the metaphorical wilderness, to learn that in this world, they’ll need to solve their own problems, deal with their own thoughts and emotions, without giving up or breaking down. Essentially to quit… means death. To move through life without a plan… you may as well be.

Boy to Man Transition Rituals 

Sorry kid, time to become a man.

Most modern men haven’t transitioned from boy, to man. There’s no modern ritual for this rite of passage. Sometimes to understand the value of community, you need to be completely isolated from it. You need to face the possibility of dying alone. You may need to create your own ritual.

It could be a week long solo camping trip, or a trek across Europe with only a backpack. It could be a small, risky business venture, or a Muay Thai tournament. Anything other that rotting in your bedroom, watching Netflix and eating instant meals. 

Say hello, make new friends

Talk To Me

Understand, if you’re an ambitious being, a seeker of truth, knowledge, love, adventure, power, and wisdom… to ignore your calling and sit idly by, as this life passes by, is equivalent to suicide. Create something, even if it’s a memory. 

If you’re stuck somewhere, by yourself, and you just need someone to talk to… I offer a free life coaching session. Just go here and ask for it. 

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