Living Your Truth And Overcoming Shame With Primavera Salva

Meet Primavera Salva.

In this episode of Women Wanting Women I invite my friend, Primavera
Salva, to tell us the beautiful love story of how she and her wife met
and fell in love and built their life together.

Who doesn’t like a good love story?

Primavera was diplomat from Mexico and her wife, Katia, was a banker
from Lebanon. Neither of them knew they were lesbians when they met in
New York City in the early 1990’s.

Primavera and Katia met during a time before being gay was
considered normal, even in New York City. But most certainly, a woman
falling in love with another woman was unthinkable in Mexican and
Lebanese culture at that moment.

Healing from shame and living your truth…

Primavera’s shame was so deep that she could hardly recognize the intense soulmate connection she felt with Katia.

Primavera was so afraid of her deep love for Katia that she set off
on a long journey of self-discovery and finding her truth before she
could join her beloved in partnership.

And on this episode of Women Wanting Women, Primavera tells her whole story.

A good problem to have?

One of the interesting things about listening to Primavera tell her
story is that despite her struggles with being a lesbian, she had
beautiful soulmate love in her life the whole way through.

Not all of us are that lucky.

Whether or not we feel insecure about being attracted to women,
the main struggle for many of us is the fact that we haven’t yet found
soulmate love, and we don’t know what to do or where to look to finally
get complete in this area of our lives.

That’s why I do the work that I do. And if you want personal support
from me through the challenges and frustrations of finding and keeping
lesbian love, then go HERE to learn more about the work I do and to apply for a one-on-one consultation.

I believe in love and I believe in you.

In the meantime, one of the most effective ways we can start to
attract love into our lives is to feel, right now, in our hearts, as if
we already have the love we want. And one of the best ways to do that is
to listen to a beautiful love story and live vicariously through it
while telling ourselves (with unwavering certainty!) that our own love
story is about to come true for us, too, in perfect timing. Because it is. It really is. I promise.

So that’s why I’m so excited to share Primavera’s love story with you here.

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Primavera Salva is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, and
yogi who blends together the ancient philosophies of yoga, meditation,
breath work, and other mystical teachings to reconnect people with the
most important aspect of the human condition: the soul. Through her 1-1
guidance, group programs, classes and journeys, she empowers her clients
and students to move beyond the limitations of the mind and body so
they can begin experiencing the life-changing benefits of a daily
spiritual practice—a reconnection to the source of Unconditional Love.

She is a certified Naam Yoga Levels I, II and III, Shakti Naam Level
I and II, Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond (Naam Yoga Prenatal teachers
training), and she travels internationally to train teachers in these
modalities. She is also a Harmonyum Practitioner, offering healing
sessions through this holistic, emotional, and physical healing system.
She has worked closely with Naam Yoga founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
for two decades, to whom she is deeply grateful to for his love and

Primavera’s Website Primavera on Instagram

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