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Do you hate the idea of living an ordinary life? Approach Anxiety got you down? Not sure how to charm a crowd? Is there a dream you want to pursue, but you’re not sure how? Are you struggling to motivate yourself? Do you often make the wrong choices? Are there aspects of your life that are leaving you unhappy? Is fear, indecisiveness, and regret holding you back? Do you feel like you have untapped potential? 

Then you’re a great candidate for Life Coaching. 

Tony D here; professional dating/pickup veteran, consultant, Youtuber, bootcamp instructor, and author.

I’m now offering a new, powerful service:

Life Coaching

More specifically, Inner Game focused, online, one-on-one, private coaching.  

“Wtf is life coaching?” You ask? “Is it motivational speaking? Is it Therapy? A sex cult?”

Well, it is motivational, and can be therapeutic… but it’s neither. I’ll explain. 

In my years of teaching experience, I realized that most men have deep Inner Game issues that just can’t be solved in a weekend bootcamp. 

I learned that many men don’t actually want to learn pickup. They don’t want to approach and seduce women. It isn’t just sex that motivates them. If that was the case, rather than pay me thousands of dollars a weekend they could just hire an escort.

What they really want is purpose, achievement, and to realize their potential

Attraction from beautiful women is a byproduct of realized potential. It’s the result of confidence, which comes from experience. Not just in approaching women, but in all areas of life. 

Realizing all of your potential is NOT EASY to do… on your own. 

Approach Consulting vs Life Coaching

For most, the seduction community is a gateway. It’s a beginner path to self-awareness, and self-actualization.

Think of all the powerful men that women flock to who have never read a pickup book, or taken a bootcamp. Think of the actors, entrepreneurs, athletes, public speakers, and everyone other than pickup artists who succeed at life, and have women naturally flocking to them. What’s their secret? 

It’s more than just learning cold approach. This is just brick block in a castle. After the bootcamp, many men go back to their old habits, and fail to execute on what they’ve learned. 

Beautiful, intelligent women, want a man that knows who he is, where he’s going, and how he’s getting there. 

Learning how to approach women is just one brick in the castle. It’s not just HOW to approaching women, but understanding WHY you haven’t been able to find the success you’ve been looking for. 

Women want a Doer… not a Dreamer, not a Talker. 

This is the sort of personal power that Life Coaching can unlock in you. Not just how to approach and talk to women, but how to be a successful man that women want to be with. 

You don’t need more advice. You need to become radically self-aware, in every aspect of your life. 

What motivates you? What’s the root of your anxiety?Why you believe what you do? Where did your core identity come from, and how can you change it?

How often have you sat down to ask yourself these question? That’s one aspect of what Life Coaching can do for you. But it goes much, much deeper. 

What type of man are you? 

Are you strong, purpose driven, motivate, and efficient? Or are you a wet noodle nice guy, who’s secure, but bored, and depressed? Who feels the years creeping by while he fails to find success. 

In my ten years of teaching experience, I’ve found there are different types of men. We could go very meta, but I’ll simplify it to Type A, and Type B. 

Type A: The guy who’s never cold approached women. 

He has no idea what to say, and can’t find the strength to over-come his approach anxiety. He’s a very common client.  

Result of Coaching Type A

These guys often take bootcamps from a pickup instructor (like myself), get a temporary, powerful boost in motivation, then after a few weeks fall back into their old habits, and fail to ever realize their potential. 

So they take another bootcamp, and another… learning all kinds of “Skills” “Mindsets” and “Techniques” but never really investing the necessary years to mastery of cold approach pickup. 

This is often the case in many other areas of their lives. 

They want to find success, but repeatedly fail to execute. Because of this, they have low self-esteem, a lack of motivation, and ambition. This leads to a spiral of negative self-image, ego chatter, and even self-destruction. 

They want to seduce beautiful women, but they don’t even know their own core values, motivations, identity, or life goals. 

These men are self-development junkies, but they consistently fail to execute

A bootcamps instructor can manipulate them into approaching women, but after the training, they slip back into complacency. 

They may succeed at work, but hate their jobThey may get dates, but with women they’re not attracted toThey want to travel, but never buy the ticketThey want to start a business, but never launch itThey want to lose or gain weight, but never take action

It all adds up, and women can see straight through them. They’re not achievers… they’re dabblers. 

And yet they want to date the hottest girls?

Is this you? 

Type B: This guy has ambition, an instinct for seduction, and above average charisma. He just wants to increase his overall success with women. 

When he says he’s going to do something, he does it. 

He’s already going out to practice on his own, and has a strict regimen. He’s on the way or already getting results, but could use feedback and advanced techniques from an experienced expert. 

A dating consultant can help him shave a year or more off his learning curve. 

He doesn’t need a pep talk, or to know “what to say,” as much as someone to review his approaches, demonstrate, and give him feedback. Bootcamps work great for this guy. 

He may also have approach anxiety, but also the belief, drive and motivation to practice and overcome it. 

I’ve taught many of these men. Quite a few go on to becoming dating instructors themselves. But they’re rare. 

If you’re this guy, Life Coaching is also powerful. 

I can help you create a structured plan, to maximize your time and energy. I can also help you eliminate time wasting distractions, to hone your talents with focus, and accountability, in all areas of your life, including dating, relationships, and pickup. 

What’s the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

Coaching is about asking powerful questions. It leads you to utilize and develop your own values, motivations, and problem solving abilities. 

Consulting is more about giving advice, techniques and tips. 

A coach doesn’t advise you, but asks the questions that teach you how to think, and act like a high performing, effective person. 

A coach can also be a consultant. But in my years of vast teaching experience, I’ve found that coaching can be far more effective than consulting, especially if the client has stuggled to motivate himself to solve their problems on their own. 

How does coaching work? 

I coach over the phone/video once per week. 

There are many reasons why coaching works, but the basic structure looks like this: 

1. Asking questions that probe your core identity

2. Laying out a reasonable plan of action

3. Holding you accountable for the follow-through

My goal is to help you get excited about taking action. To have you jump out of bed, stoked that you’re moving towards your goals.  

My approach includes a lot of first hand experience, but also cutting edge techniques taken from years of study in self-development: from NLP, Hypnosis, World Travel, Mindfulness, Life Coaching, consulting, and ten years of teaching pickup bootcamps. 

Not to mention the hundreds of books I’ve read, self-help seminars I’ve attended, and my own transformative journey. 

I’m a life-long career coach. This isn’t a hobby. I’m not a fly by night pua. I’m not a pua at all. I’m just a man who’s made it his life mission to help people, men or women, to achieve their goals. I just happen to have a decade of experience teaching men how to overcome their fears around dating, and sexuality. 

I care as much about your results, as I do about achieving my own. I’ve dedicated thousands of hours into my own personal achievement and want to use this experience and wisdom to help you actualize yours. 

The goal is to empower you to equip you with the tools to solve these problems on your own. Not just tell you what to do, and what to say. There are enough books out there on that. 

Is Life Coaching a substitute for Infield Coaching? Not exactly. But a bootcamp won’t help you get your room clean, reconnect with your family, or lose ten pounds. A bootcamp won’t motivate you to walk out that door and go socialize, travel the world, start an online business, or release your hip hop album. Only you can do that. 

If you really want to become better at pickup… yes… I can definitely help. But not if you’re paralyzed. First, we need to work on that. If you just want someone to listen to and critique your infields… I can also do that. I can also act as a consultant. 

But the most value you can get from me as your coach? I can teach you how your own mind works, so you can motivate yourself to take action. 

This may be as simple as asking the right questions, or breaking down and rebuilding your core identity from scratch. It depends on you. Either way… it’s an adventure worth taking. 

Here’s a review from a recent student.  

“Unlike therapy (which I have been in for a number of years), I found that life coaching had me taking action much sooner.

I’ve been interested in personal development and self help for quite awhile now. I read a lot of books, watched a lot of youtube videos, and done a lot of self reflection, as well as journalling, yet often struggled to apply what I was learning to my life.

First of all, these sessions hyped me up and left me feeling more motivated and determined. I find that working with someone in person is a great way to keep me accountable.

Tony helped me narrow down my focus and figure out what was truly important to me, as well as how to get there. Unlike binge watching youtube videos and storing the information away for later, these sessions actually helped me make significant progress in a short amount of time. I have a solid routine now that I am dedicated to and it feels great. My future feels more clear and less confusing now.

Overall, this was a really fun and insightful process. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot, and am much more action oriented now than when I started. I think everyone could benefit from sessions like these, and I highly recommend it.”

“It sounds awesome Tony! How much?”

I have an introductory price, which WILL be going up.  

I only take students who are willing to apply the concepts and take action. Therefore I don’t offer hourly sessions. 

I offer one, 8 week package for only $1297 USD. 

And if you contact me today, I’ll give you one free Life Coaching session. Not a sales pitch, but a whole session where I’ll help you with any issue. 

If this interests you, know that this price will double in the near future. At the moment I’m transitioning for bootcamp instructor to online coach, and with all my ongoing projects, I only have so many hours in the day. 

The sessions are 60 minutes in length, and happen every week. 

Why 8 weeks? Because I radical change takes time. There’s no magic pill.

Whatever goals you have, coaching will drastically speed up this process. If you don’t have clear goals, coaching will help you identify, and define them. 

This isn’t consulting. If you just want to ask my a bunch of questions about pickup, there are lots of guys that can answer you for free. If you want to make long term change with the help of an experienced, professional coach, this requires long term commitment. 

Contact Me Now for a Free Coaching Session

If you want to know more, Go here, type “Free Coaching”, and I’ll hook you up with a FREE COMPLIMENTARY coaching session. 

No strings. No hard sales techniques. This is a legit Life Coaching session where I’ll help you with any issue you need help with. If that’s about girls, awesome. If it’s about something else, perfect. 

I love coaching, and it’s my way of giving back. It doesn’t cost me anything but time. But if I can improve your day, and spread the word… why not? 

Of course, I’m not a licensed therapist. So if you’re diagnosed with any psychological conditions, or addictions, then I’m not the guy. 

Life coaching is not advice giving. It’s a way to help you learn how to solve your own problems. 

But if you’re looking to step up, and take life by the balls… Let me be your guide. 

Take The First Action Today

Just click this link and I’ll get back to you with an email, right away. 

Free Coaching Session

Take action today, just send me your name and email

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You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Or, you can go back to jerking off to Manga, Tentacle porn and playing Fortnite. Cause I know that’s exactly what you’re about to do…

Jokes… (Can’t be so serious all the time.)

I have a 100% money back guarantee. If after the second session (first paid session) you feel this isn’t for you… I’ll refund your payment. But after this, I consider you committed. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Tony Depp

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