Kicking Goals and Loving Life

It’s been a minute. More than three months have passed since I last wrote a post, and for that, I’m sorry. You might remember that I wrote way back in August that life was kicking my butt for a while and while that was happening I was sorting out drama with a twitter follower and a guy who I’d been in love with forever and a new fling that was destined to go no where. I needed those three months to work out what was happening.

In all honesty, it’s been the best three months of my life for a long, long time. I left the job that I was in with the cunt-of-a-boss that I had, and I’m now in a job that I absolutely love working doing exactly what I want to do. I’ve finished my Masters at uni, and have been accepted to do my Doctorate. South Africa and I are kicking goals as a couple, and have even moved in together (yes, early, I know), and we’re living in the city, meaning I get to see a few more friends than I usually get to – and hopefully even make some new ones.

We’ve been living in the city for about three months now, and we’re approaching six months together, and things are really looking great. There’s been a few changes recently, including us starting an Only Fans (something I swore I’d never do) and we’ve even started experimenting with a third in bed, on the occasion. I’ll write posts about all of this, soon. This blog has been in the back of my mind the whole time, and I figured with so much happening, I should start posting again now that my mental health is sorted out and I’m feeling good again. Loving some of the comments. I just hate, sometimes, blogging and feeling like I’m talking to no one.

I’ll shoot some posts off soon and let’s make this a regular thing again.

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