It Irks

I promise that this blog is not going to become a list of complaints that I have about the ex boyfriend that I’m living with. Once I’m out there dating again, we’ll go back to the regular content. In the meantime, let me vent.

For the last week we’ve had a massive fight over the saga, and it came to a head last night with us sitting down and trying to talk it through. It ended badly, but with neither of us walking out or throwing a tantrum, and that was good, I guess.

He’s been feeling sick today, so before dinner he went and had a nap, and set his alarm for 6, and we agreed I’d make dinner for the night and have it ready when he woke up. So I did, and his alarm goes off at six. I pop my head in, he’s up on his phone. I tell him “Dinner’s ready if you want it,”. What do I get back? “Don’t talk to me”.

No ‘thank you’. Not even an ‘ok’ or ‘alright’. Just a ‘don’t talk to me’.

I head back into the kitchen and eat my own dinner, he comes out a few minutes later and I can’t bite my tongue. Calmly I tell him I’d appreciate if he didn’t snap at me to not talk at him when I’m letting him know I’ve gone out of my way to cook him a dinner. His response? “Be quiet. You shouldn’t talk to someone who’s just woken up”.

I honestly just can’t even right.

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