How To Get Invited To Her Place

On the GC forums someone was asking how to get invited over to a girl’s house/apartment. 

I have many fond memories of walking myself home at dawn, hungover, from strange apartments, realizing I spent all day and night, maybe all week, just trying to get laid. Not a waste of time at all. Oh, where are those girls now, I wonder? What were their names, I wonder? The good ol days. 

So why would you want to go to a girl’s place, rather than have her come to yours? 


You don’t have your own place (Mom’s basement)There is no privacy (sharing a room, too many roommates, family, etc)You live very far away from her and her location is better for dates (closer to restaurants, beaches, etc) 

There are advantages to going to her place: 

You can leave whenever you wantNo awkward conversations like, “So… can you go home now? I want to play Xbox” It’s fun to see how other people live

Plausible Deniability

The core of the forum question revolved around plausible deniability: or how to make it seem like you don’t want to come over just to bang (even though you do.) 

I’ll share my secret: 

Be interested in people, and how they live. 

Even the most die hard, brainwashed intersectional commie may have an interesting apartment. What I mean is, people are interesting, and when you’re interested in them, it’s flattering. If you’re interested in them, they’re more likely to invite you over to hang out, and maybe have sex. 

Most of my interests weren’t discovered on my own, but shared with me by someone who invited me to their place. 

Music, artwork, hobbies, movies, video games, foods, new friends. All of these experiences, at some point, have been absorbed by spending time with new people, learning about them, and their interests.  

Imagine the Opportunities

Imagine this. You go to to girl’s house and see a picture of Machu Pichu on the wall. 

“What’s that picture on the wall?” 

“Oh, that’s me in Peru.” 

“Peru? Is that a cool place to travel?”

“Oh yeah. Let me tell you about it.” 

And now a year later, you’re travelling in Peru. 

Or you meet a new girl, go to her house and she introduces you to her roommates. Later than week, you run into them at a party and they invite you to hang out at their table. You meet a bunch of new people and expand your social circle (which hopefully includes more beautiful girls.)

Perhaps, you go to her apartment and discover she owns a lot of musical instruments. Turns out her father owns a guitar store, and he’s looking for another employee. You need a job, and now you’re working in a guitar store. 

Maybe she knows how to cook Mexican food, and she’s down to teach you. Now you’re on your way to owning a Mexican restaurant. 

What I’m saying, is people have a lot more value than just being holes for your weenie. I love putting my weenie in hot girls too, but if you reek of a needy weenie, she might not be as likely to invite you over than if you’re generally interested in who she is, what she does, and what she’s into. 

The Plague of Desperate Men

Have you ever heard of, “Resting Bitch Face?” There’s a reason why some women won’t throw smiles around a bar: because social uncalibrated men will take that smile as an excuse to hit on her, poorly. 

All beautiful women have had needy, desperate, jealous, men try to insert and attach themselves to their lives. For that reason, to weed out the losers, they will act like ice queens. 

She won’t invite you over, because you may never leave! 

You can counter this justified fear by using a little Interested Skepticism. 

Interested + Skeptical

Bring your own

When you’re showing interest in a girl, you want to demonstrate that you’re not a needy, clingy, loser, like all the other guys. So you may disqualify yourself: 

“Hey you’re a really cool girl. We should hang out again. That is, unless you’re crazy. My psychologist says I can’t have any more crazy in my life.” (Sarcastic smile, or eye roll, to show you’re joking.)

This is a push-pull. It says, I like you, but I don’t NEED you. It asks her to either play along, “Oh I’m definitely crazy!” Or qualify herself, “I’m not crazy, lol.” 

It also disqualifies yourself by saying you may be the crazy one. 

You can use the same technique to invite yourself to her place: 

“You have a dog? Oh man, I love dogs. You should Invite me over to play with her.”


“Wait… this isn’t a trick to lock me up and steal my kidney is it? If it is, then forget it. I’m never coming over.”

“Lol, no!”

“Okay good. After last time I said… never again. I don’t have enough kidneys.” 


You want to go over to her place, but you don’t NEED to go. 

This also answers her question: “Is he weird/crazy?” No, because you’re flipping the script that she might be the crazy one who will steal YOUR kidney. 

This is the gist of being interested, but also skeptical. 

The Direct Method

If you want to be invited over, you don’t have to play all these games. You could just say, “I’d really like to come over to your place.” 

Some women will be down with the straight forwardness. I’ve even said much more direct things like, “I want to come over and give you an orgasm.” 

You have to gauge what a girl is going to react well to. Some women will love a direct approach, others will find it to bold, or even get offended. How do you know? Only from experience. 

How long should you stay at her place? 

In my debaucherous adventures, I was surprised to find that many women just wanted to bang me, and that was it. They didn’t want to have breakfast, go to the park, or hold hands. It kinda hurt. Other women thought that since we slept together, we might be dating. Even women I met on Fruzo.

Many women aren’t so confident or direct. They won’t say, “Hey can you go home, I really need to fart.” 

If you don’t want to see her again, just say, “Well, I have to go now. Stuff to do.” 

If you want to see her again, say, “That was a really fun night. We should do this again.” 

And if you want to stick around and spend the day with her, say, “So, do you want to go hang out, or are you busy today?”

You’ve already been inside her, so there’s no need to play any games. Just say and do what you want. That’s my advice. 


Just don’t make a big deal of it. If you want to get invited to her place, put it out there. 

Show interest in seeing her placeAsk to come overLeave in the morning, or take her for coffee/breakfastBring condoms with you. Don’t expect her to have them 

It doesn’t hurt to say, “Thanks for the great time sugar tits!” 

Maybe leave out the sugar tits part. 

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