Dating Today: How The Pandemic Has Changed Dating

Dating today is a little different than it was just a few years ago. But, don’t feel alarmed — changes in the world of dating are normal. Back in the day, meeting someone online was unheard of. But now? It’s one of the best ways to connect.

Like with a lot of the changes we’re facing, the pandemic is responsible for big shifts in how we interact. For example, the need for social distancing forced us to make connections remotely and put off first dates for a bit longer than usual. 

The resulting rise in virtual dating in response to this new world is arguably one of the biggest changes to dating today. But, what are the other changes in the world of dating that have become common post-pandemic, and what should you expect when thinking about getting back out there?

Dating Today: What to Expect Post-pandemic 

Virtual dates are now a great, cost-saving first date alternative

Virtual dates are low-pressure and a lot of fun. But, they can help to save some cash too. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand how they’ve become so popular in recent years. Virtual dates have allowed us to continue to meet people from the comfort and safety of our couch. 

Turns out, they’re not lame or cheap either. In fact, they’re exactly what dating today is all about, as they offer a way to make dating easy, fun, and convenient! Try streaming a movie on Netflix and watching it together or pick out a recipe and cook together over Zoom. Not only will this help to ease those first date nerves but you’ll also learn things about each other along the way!  

People can be pickier about who, where, and when they date

Research by the BBC has shown that the pandemic has made people a lot more selective about who they date and when. And, lack of safety protocols is often an immediate turnoff for people who are trying hard to stay healthy. Your ideal partner’s traits might not just be “tall, dark, and handsome” like they once were. Instead, “wearing a mask and getting vaccinated” might be some new traits that you find yourself — and others — looking out for.

Dating in your social circle is cool again 

The world is somewhat divided right now, and that means people might be a little nervous about meeting strangers on a blind date. While dating apps have had a record amount of activity during the pandemic, it can still be tough to open up with strangers about big topics like politics and the pandemic. 

So, start by asking your friends to recommend someone they know to go out with, rather than jumping straight into a blind date. This can help to gently ease you back into the world of dating today.

A rise in social dating online has also come to the fore, with places for online connection and community becoming the new meet-up hotspots. Live streaming platforms such as Zoosk Live, have seen more and more people choosing to connect through these new formats.  

People are willing to date around a bit more before defining a relationship

It’s pretty easy to text three different people at once. It’s harder to go out for in-person dates with three people at once. Even though casual dating was already common pre-pandemic, more people are weighing up their options now that they’ve got more time and resources to do so. 

With less pressure on in-person dates, you’re more likely to chat with someone who’s also chatting with others. But what does that mean for you? Try to make sure that your texting game is strong and always bear in mind how your written words will come across.

The great outdoors is going nowhere 

Outdoor venues are great for the warmer months, but when things start getting chilly this can be a challenge. With potentially ongoing COVID restrictions, prepare for more restaurant dates outside, picnics at the park, or walks around a wildlife reserve. And if you live near a beach, then you’re winning at dating today with one of the best outdoor spots for a romantic outdoor date. 

Find Love in the Post-pandemic Dating World

While these changes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, dating today comes with some new obstacles to watch out for. That said, it’s still perfectly possible to find true love under these conditions. Simply put, post-pandemic dating experiences are a testament to how adaptable we are to keep evolving and improving in all areas of our lives! 

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